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Based on the implementation experience of hundreds of users, Kingdee K / 3PLM realizes seamless integration with K / 3 ERP and eas, and deep integration with common ERP applications in the market, including SAP, Oracle, QAD, Dingjie ERP, UFIDA ERP, Taiwan Tianxin ERP, Taiwan Dingxin ERP, etc.


When engineers develop products on PLM platform, they can directly query the inventory information of materials in ERP, such as inventory, cost and so on, which is helpful for engineers to select materials according to their needs.


Material addition is strictly controlled by the material application process in PLM to avoid material duplication. After R & D, BOM and item can be written into ERP directly through approval process control.


Process development is a very important link in the product life cycle of an enterprise. It is a bridge connecting product design and manufacturing, and has a great impact on product quality. According to the characteristics of process design, K / 3PLM creates a development environment for process design which is independent and associated with product design data.


Process developers can easily refer to the product data model (design BOM, drawings, etc.) designed by product development department for process design. Process data is automatically associated with product design BOM.

  • Salt spray resistance 7200 hours surface treatment

  • Die casting workshop

  • Mould workshop